Follow the Exchanges to better manage your Child's Diet Need and Growth

Amino Acid Disorders are a group of rare inherited condition. They are caused by enzymes that do not work properly.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Various enzymes are needed to further breakdown these amino acids in the form which body can utilize and have many functions in the body.

Affected people cannot process certain amino acids, hence toxic substances build up in the body which cause symptoms like impaired growth, mental retardation etc.

Why Nutrition Therapy Important?

Reduction of dietary factor causing problem remains a mainstay of treatment. Providing adequate energy for better control of the disease and supplementing nutrients that are inadequately absorbed or not released from their apoenzyme. The nutrition treatment vary between different disorders.

Importance of amino acid exchange list

Exchange list refers to a grouping of foods to assist people on special diets. In each group, foods are listed in grams that are interchangeable within the group with respect to the restricted amino acid.


Exchange list is better option than fixed diet pattern for these disorders for proper control of the disease.

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